Clearwater Cutthroat

Clearwater Cutthroat

A couple of the Nelson brothers try to gather annually far up the North Fork Clearwater valley for a week of camping, fishing and catching up. This year, our folks joined Jim, Donna and me for the first few days before they had to depart suddenly when mom decided she wanted a root canal procedure done on a tooth (her own, fortunately for the rest of us). A few days later, our oldest brother Kevin came in, bringing his wife Kathy and sons Jeremy and Jesse as well as Jim's wife Sue. Donna, Jim and I caught plenty of cutthroat, and a few rainbows, during the week, with Donna and Jim pulling in the largest -- a couple slab-sided fish the length of their forearms. All fish were caught on dry flies, with stimulators and royal wulffs proving the most effective patterns. I was able match hatches once or twice when small hatches of PMDs came off, but generally attractors worked better than any attempts to match naturals. When the clan from Boise (recently relocated from Omaha) arrived, Jeremy and Jesse also tried their hand with the fly rod. Both showed good skills, though by day 2 of their stay Jesse had switched to spinning gear. After this outstanding fish-rich week, I've renewed my love of the North Idaho wilderness. Whats more, my nephews seem ready to continue angling with a fly, and Mom has recovered quickly from her dental surgery.


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Fishing and camping on Idaho's Kelly Creek and North Fork Clearwater with family.

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