Sophie the Trout Dog

Sophie the Trout Dog

Donna and I spent the day following a thin blue line in Western Washington.We found a plethora of both rainbow and cutthroat trout throughout the day, measuring from 6 inches to more than 14 inches (Donna's catch), with at least 8 fish over 11 inches and most of the 20 fish we brought to net in the 9-11 inch range. 

While we angled with a fly, Sophie the Yellow Lab fished by eye. She spotted rising trout, tried to retrieve recently released fish (never came close, but did enjoy diving under water to watch them) and generally enjoyed her day along the river.

Photos below show some of her adventures and relaxations.

Sophie meets her prey:



Following a cut into the net.

One of the fish Sophie spotted rising for a small PMD hatch.


The tools of the trade: Sage (Z-Axis and ONE), Redington (Rise reels) and Rio (lines) dominate our gear selection today.
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