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Washington Wildflowers coloring the Cascades

Washington Wildflowers coloring the Cascades

A short hike in the South Cascades today revealed an array of wildflowers in bloom. The 2-mile trek up to the scenic and historic High Rock Lookout yielded unmatched views of the South Cascades range, from an in-your-face view of Mount Rainier, to shimmering-on-the-horizon Mount Hood. The high, rugged Goat Rocks still maintain a heavy [Continued...]

Up and Down Rainier in under 5 hours? It takes me that long to adjust my pack…

I thought the guys that ran the Wonderland Trail in just over 24 hours were nuts. But to go from Paradise (5,600 feet) to the summit of Rainier (14,411 feet) and back in under 5 hours is just plain unimaginable to me. Mount Rainier is the standard training grounds for Himalayan expeditions. Its were Ed [Continued...]