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Sportsmen Descend on DC to Save Bristol Bay

Sportsmen Descend on DC to Save Bristol Bay

The following is a guest post available to all outdoor bloggers who have an interest in the Pebble Mine/Bristol Bay issue. Please feel free to you use it on your blog. Photo by B.O’Keefe Sportsmen fly to DC to tell president and congress to say no to Pebble Mine Starting Monday, April 16, more than [Continued...]

Wild resources (fish, wildlife, recreation) under attack

Why do Washington’s politicians (of both parties) hate the Department of Fish and Wildlife? Not all, fortunately, but enough to put our fish and wildlife resources in jeopardy. First, the legislature slashed the WDFW budget by 30 percent last year. Everything from enforcement to salmon recovery suffered from that budget bashing. Then, this year, the [Continued...]

Working together: Diverse group fights Bristol Bay land abuse

It’s an impressive feat, and one that bureaucratics and politicians ignore at their own risk. A diverse group of  hunting, fishing and environmental groups, along with an array of businesses (outdoor gear manufacturers, retailers, guide services, travel companies, etc), work, teamed up to fight Bush-era rules that opened the Bristol Bay area of Alaska to [Continued...]

Damnation! Judge says salmon more important than dams

Damnation! Judge says salmon more important than dams

“Federal defendants have spent the better part of the last decade treading water and avoiding their obligations under the Endangered Species Act.” Those words, written by U.S. District Judge James Redden  in a letter issued May 18, 2009, were addressed to various factions fighting over the recover plans for the Pacific Salmon, listed as endangered [Continued...]

New Technologies unveil nature’s secrets

Some of nature’s greatest mysteries surround salmon. We know these incredible fish are born in rivers, migrate to the ocean and eventually return to the river of their birth to produce a new generation.  But under that broad overview, what’s really going on? How do these incredible fish perform this massive cyclical journey?  Biologists have [Continued...]