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Washington’s Wolf Recovery Plan open for comment

Gray Wolf Conservation and Management | Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife. “The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) has published a Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) titled: Wolf Conservation and Management Plan for Washington. This is a non-project review proposal. Non-project review allows agencies and the public to focus on issues that are [Continued...]

Oregon Wolves? Not for long if USFWS has its way!

From the Center for BIological Diversity: Only a handful of wolves live in Oregon, where they are beginning to recolonize the state after a 60-year absence due to human persecution. With just two confirmed litters of pups born over the past two years, every wolf in the state is important. Right now, a federal sharpshooter [Continued...]

Who needs enemies with friends like these?

Given the way these things usually work, you’d expect that disgruntled ranchers would be the biggest threat to efforts to reintroduce a stable population of endangered Mexican Gray Wolves to the wild. Certainly, though cantankerous cattlemen aren’t helping, but the biggest threat to the reintroduction efforts seems to be the bumbling efforts of the Keystone [Continued...]

Wolves Lawyer Up, Head Back to Court

Wildlife advocates expected the Obama Administration to stand on the side of wildlife protections. Those hopes failed when new Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar upheld Bush administration plans to delist wolves from the Endangered Species Act, thereby allowing blood-red states like Idaho and Montana to paint targets on the wild wolves. In an effort [Continued...]