• Best Sleeping Bags: Winter 2017/18

    For months, we used a huge array of new sleeping bag and came up with a handful of products we think are worthy of mention. Here’s what we liked, and the activities for which they are best suited.  Kelty Tru.Comfort 20 Best for festival camping (and couch surfing) The feature-rich Tru.Comfort 20 offers a luxurious […]

  • Pulse Camera Remote

    For the diehard hikers still shooting dSLRs, the Pulse Camera Remote from Alpine Laboratories offers a new level of photographic freedom. The slim Pulse slips in your camera’s hotshoe and provides remarkable remote shutter — and indeed, camera — control. Not only does the Pulse give you a remote trigger for individual shots, it allows […]

  • Hiking Guide: Skookum Falls

    The lush, moss-laden forest is reminiscent of the rainforests of the Olympic Peninsula, for good reason. The western foothills of the Cascades can get twice as much annual rainfall as the Puget Sound area, making the low forests of these regions wet, mossy and rich in plant (and animal) life. In short, a rainforest. The [...]